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This is us: PURE.allgäu; We are a team of young, nature and sports enthusiasts from Allgäu and know every corner of our fascinating homeland. This is exactly what we want to share with you. With our local tour guides you will explore the most beautiful corners of Allgäu and experience this region from a completely different perspective. Our guides are genuine Allgäuers who will be happy to answer your questions and give you insider tips - always outdoors, in the middle of nature.


We speak and guide all tours in the languages: German, English and Russian.

Das sind wir: PURE.allgäu; Wir sind ein Team aus jungen, Natur- und Sportbegeisterten Allgäuern und kennen jeden Winkel unserer faszinierenden Heimat und genau das wollen wir mit euch teilen. Mit unseren lokalen Guides erkundest du die schönsten Ecken des Allgäus und erlebst diese Region aus einer ganz anderen Perspektive. Unsere Guides sind waschechte Allgäuer, die dir gerne deine Fragen beantworten und auch den ein oder anderen Insidertip geben - stets unter freiem Himmel, mitten in der Natur.


Wir sprechen und führen alle Touren auf den Sprachen Deutsch, Englisch und Russisch.

PURE.allgäu Neuschwanstein & Hohenschwangau castle

PURE.allgäu castles

Explore with PURE.allgäu the breathtaking castles Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau. Together with you we go back to the time of King Ludwig II. and discover his enchanting buildings around Füssen.

Erlebe mit PURE.allgäu die Schönheit der bayrischen Schlösser und weitere Bauten von König Ludwig II.

PURE.allgäu bicycle tours

PURE.allgäu bicycle

Explore with PURE.allgäu the cycling region Allgäu with us, with its varied cycle paths for beginners as well as professionals. We offer the perfect tour for everyone, whether a leisurely bike tour through the impressive nature of Allgäu or an individually planned route.

Erlebe mit PURE.allgäu die schönsten Fahrradstrecken Allgäus.

PURE.allgäu hiking

PURE.allgäu hiking

Explore PURE.allgäu the green and gentle foothills of the Alps with us, which lure with its magnificent view to the nearby mountains and magnificent lakes. Our selected hiking tours offer you the most beautiful views of Allgäu and are suitable for everyone.

Erlebe mit PURE.allgäu faszinierende  Ausblicke auf die Allgäuer Landschaft - wir bringen dich auf die schönsten Aussichtsplattformen der Region.

PURE.allgäu winter excursions

PURE.allgäu excursions

Explore with PURE.allgäu nearby sights with us. The Allgäu has much more to offer than just the castles of Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau. We take you to places that enchant you.

Erlebe mit PURE.allgäu die Region rund um das Allgäu und die schönsten Sehenswürdigkeiten in der Umgebung.



Where is Allgäu? Allgäu is in most cases referred as a region. However, there is no geographical delimitation of the area, but it can be said that it consists of the southernmost end part of the Bavarian administrative district of Swabia. In addition to the alpine Allgäu, small parts of the foothills of the Alps also belong to the Allgäu.  While the Allgäu itself largely belongs to Germany, about half of the Allgäu Alps, the southern border of the Allgäu, lie on Austrian territory. There is no official delimitation for the area Allgäu, rather certain border places are assigned to the Allgäu, which are among other things the administrative district Unterallgäu (Bad Grönenbach), Ostallgäu (Kaufbeuren) and Ravensburg (Wangen). Since the 1070s, the name "Allgäu" has been used successively for marketing purposes, with the aim of promoting the region of Allgäu as a geographical subregion of upper Swabia, rather than towns located in the region. 


Enjoy the fresh air of the Allgäu, breathe in, breathe out. PURE.allgäu offers you the perfect activities in the Allgäu at any time of the year. Our local PURE.allgäu guides take you on our unique excursions, whether you are the summer or winter type, whether you want to experience something or just enjoy your time in the nature, with PURE.allgäu you will find exactly the right offer in the Allgäu world of experience. 

What is the goal of PURE.allgäu

PURE.allgäu is a team of young and nature-enthusiastic Allgäuers who grew up in the region and know their way around here like nobody else. The Allgäu is one of the most beautiful holiday regions in Germany and our region around Füssen has much more to offer than the fascinating castles of Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau. Discover with PURE.allgäu the spectacular natural beauties, extensive hiking-, cycling-, and skiing areas, as well as various sights and attractions for the whole family. 


PURE.allgäu shows you the Allgäu beyond the tourist hustle and bustle. Our goal is it to show you our Allgäu from the point of view of a local. We will show you sights, hiking and cycling trails, which only local people know. With PURE.allgäu you will enjoy the fascination of the Allgäu far away from the tourist hustle and bustle. We offer tours in the following categories: 

Besides our fixed PURE.allgäu tours (for example Neuschwanstein tickets tour), we also offer tours on request. If you would like to see a certain hiking tour, bicycle tour or sightseeing, please contact us and our PURE.allgäu team will put together the perfect tour for you.


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Don't be a tourist, be a traveler and do it like the locals do


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